Due to the interactivity involved, the concentration and focus required when Gaming is much more as compared" />
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7 features that prove Esports is the Next Big Thing

30 AUG 2018

Due to the interactivity involved, the concentration and focus required when Gaming is much more as compared to  that of when reading a book or even watching TV. Many people around the world believe that gaming is just an addictive leisure activity with no future.

Many professional players had spent hours playing electronic games since their childhood. The motivation and perseverance to keep on doing what they like to do best has led them to take on a career as esports players.

Many gaming fans out there watch these pro gamers compete in big tournaments showing their support. This gives them the possibility to place their esports betting on their favourite teams in the hopes that they win a cash reward.

Get ready to know the 7 features that prove that Esports Is the Next Big Thing and here to stay.

1) Playing Games Develops a Fascination with History

Many esports games are stories based on historical events that have happened. The characters and places can trigger to learn more about culture and appreciate History. An obvious example is Call of Duty 2 set in World War II and Assassin’s Creed game series the latest set in Eygpt. The real insight into the past will teach you to expand your prospects and that history is like a story which is entertaining.

2) Boost Your Memory

A challenging game like Tetris or Candy Crush will engage your brain automatically, which helps you relieve physical pain and control traumatic memories. At the beginning of a video game, you are captivated by the visuals and sounds that require you to read or listen to instructions which you need to remember through the game. Another aspect of improved memory that works for both short-term and long-term is memorising and using the keys to direct your hero in the game.

Research has revealed that when you play on your cell phone for ten minutes on a daily basis, it could help you to raise scores and progress to new levels. Games that have more problem solving and complex tasks may help you train your brain to remember new names or perhaps remind you where you lost your keys.

3) Helps You Make Quicker Decisions

Do you know of someone known for his quick thinking in a group? Who can recover the facts with excellent reflexes and fast reactions? All these abilities can be improved when you play esports games for the simple reason that new instructions display continually. Better yet, you get to adapt swifter, and in fact, research has revealed that those who played fast-paced quizzes, answered questions 25 per cent more rapidly than non-gamers.

Take Tetris for instance, as the levels get higher, challenging and great quick decision-making ensue. In this way, video games can help to train soldiers, pilots and surgeons to practice their operations. Their training sessions would be on simulators to prepare themselves to fly or landing a plane or perhaps trying out a new medical procedure.

4) Games Help You Notice Patterns

Every computer game out there was designed based on a code that was set up by people. The larger the game means more levels that have recurring patterns. Enhancing your memory will give you the ability to recognise number sequences and shapes that form patterns. However, in 2018 the technology has advanced so much that Artificial Intelligence is in development, making it harder and unpredictable to find the sequential system.

5) Some Video Games Can Propel You to Exercise

A faster way that saves you time from having to go to the gym is working out in the comfort of your home. The simple motivational goal to keep up exercise is to make the action like you are playing a game. On top of this, if you like to play games and want to keep in shape, the alternative solution is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) or Wii Sports.

According to research carried out at Stanford University’s Virtual Interaction Lab, they realised that those who watched a virtual version of themselves doing activity made them feel more hopeful and confident. They exercised an hour longer than the non-gamers who just watched their avatar selves moving around onscreen.

Playing games through Wii Sports requires your whole body to move and interact with a handheld controller. You have the chance to play sports like baseball, bowling, boxing, golf and tennis giving you more practice like you would do outdoors.

6) Developing Your Problem-Solving Skills and Taking Risks

As a gamer, you need to follow a set of gaming rules. Keeping this in mind, you have to think before you make your move while also staying within the guidelines of the game. Every choice in the step you take to try to beat your opponent depends on the strategy you choose to progress to the next level hopefully. No matter how many times you fail, you work another chance at doing things; differently, this is good problem-solving skills.

All games are set up to award risk-takers, in fact, it would be no surprise if the only solution is a crazy idea to the complex problem. You take more risks with a calculated action for a gaming reward you want.

7) Better Collaboration and Unity Within a Team

In competitive games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and Counter-Strike, you need more than one player on your side to help you win a match. A group of pro gamers who live together 24 hours a day, get to know each other well enough that they almost read each other’s thoughts.

The communication and teamwork are of utmost importance that when they see one of their teammates in trouble, they step in to assist. After all, everyone on the squad has each other’s back for protection in the hopes of winning the match. Add to this, securing safe esports betting predicted by many gaming fans.

As united you stand with your friends, working together to achieve one goal to win the game while taking risks for others will become second nature to you just like pro gamers.

While gaming can be a good thing, playing the right computer games in moderation is the best way forward. Curiosity, imagination and concentration are all excellent benefits that teach you to learn from failure, to continue improving and strive forward. After all, we are a generation of people from different walks of life that are intelligent and ambitious, so in one way or another, you are a gamer.