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Is this just fantasy?

SOURCE : Gaming360.in
03 JAN 2019

Most of us love sports.
All of us have fantasies.
There are some among us who swear by their love for fantasy sports.

This phenomenon of fantasy sports has been around since time immemorial. Legend has it that the gladiator matches in Rome were among the first instances of organized fantasy sports and sports predictions.

In the last 4 decades, modern fantasy sports has grown leaps and bounds across the world, including your fantasy Cricket/baseball leagues, NFL/NBA Fantasy Drafts, Fantasy Football Premier League and more.
It is sort of a culture of its own in places and sports around the world and it is here to stay, in our very own India.

For those foreign to fantasy sport, it is a game where a group of participants assemble fantasy teams by selecting from professional players. Then, based on the performance of the players in live games, each fantasy team wins points. Participants with the most points win cash prizes.

The last decade has borne witness to the meteoric rise of online fantasy and sports predictions, where users can play with others over the internet from the convenience of their mobile device and/or computer.

USA dominates the fantasy sports market with a share of 47%, followed by EMEA and APAC. In India the market has grown to over 2 Crore online fantasy sports and predictions users and is pegged to cross 10 Crore users by 2020. Dream11 has grown to be the largest online fantasy platform in India having a market share of 90%. The fantasy market shows no signs of slowing down, but new concepts and platforms continue to expand the industry. There are many players who are penetrating the Indian online fantasy sports market, 11wickets, Starpick, LeagueAdda, My Team 11 and NostraGamus are a few of them.

An interesting development over the years is that the market has evolved to include sports predictions, as an alternative to sports fantasy.
In sports predictions, the user is asked questions pertaining to the match; the questions may include predicting the winning team, man of the match or predicting wickets, goals and possession percentage. This Question and Answer style of predictions is generally seen as convenient for the new and veteran users alike.

Dream11 and NostraGamus (also known as Nostra Pro) are just two of India’s sports gaming apps, but these two appropriately demonstrate sports fantasy and sports predictions respectively. Both the formats come with their similarities and differences.

At the basic level, sports fantasy requires users to pick 11 players to form a fantasy team, while in sports predictions the user just has to answer questions based on a match. Moreover, in some apps, users are also provided with past statistics to make a more educated answer.

In fantasy sports, users can create multiple teams for tournaments/ individual matches. In sports predictions, it is usually at the individual game level, and with apps like NostraGamus, the relevant information from the past is provided to you and you can join multiple contests with multiple answers.
It is like submitting different sets of answer papers for the same set of questions.

Cool, huh?

In sports fantasy the points earned by the captain of your fantasy team are multiplied to increase your overall score. Some prediction apps introduce multipliers or savers to give you the same excitement inside their format.

We will go in details about the similarities and contrasts between fantasy sports and sports predictions in a later article but it is safe to say that both are catering to each other’s growth as well as expanding their audience across various markets.

The global sports gaming market has been on a phenomenal rise, with increasing options to sports fans around the world. With a growing economy, the rising penetration of smartphones and internet and a young populace that is embracing the idea, India is the next big thing in this industry too!

In fact, the reception to fantasy sports and sports predictions has been so great in the country that there is great competition in the market and hence a plethora of options for the end user. All said and done, we human beings have different tastes and it is up to you as the end user to choose wisely from the available options.

Fantasy sports and Predictions are not games of chance. They are game of skill and have been deemed so by the Indian law as well. There is a great deal of difference between a lucky draw and a well-researched prediction. Multiple questions/combinations make sure that there is fair play for all the users involved.

However, the level of preparation and investment into a fantasy sport app varies among users. Some users spend hours on the internet, TV and sports magazines for relevant statistics and information. All fantasy sports and sports prediction apps encourage competition between groups of users with similar entry fees and it is up to the users to put their best foot forward.
We encourage you to do your own research and go for the app that most suits your style.

Like any other Real Money Game/App, in fantasy and sports predictions, users transact from as low as Rs.1. These apps allow payments and withdrawals using multiple modes. There are usually different versions of the app available for Android, iOS and Desktop. Check out one of them on Nostragamus.

So many things happening around us and it’sup to you to decide to join the bandwagon.

This article was written exclusively for Gaming360 by Tanya Rekhi

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