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‘Play small, win big’ – Muskan Sethi on tips to play Poker playing this Diwali.

SOURCE : Sakal Times
07 NOV 2018

Muskan Sethi, manager of Diehards in the Global Poker League India and India’s 30th-ranked player on PocketFives, shares a few tips on how to play the game this Diwali.

The debate about whether poker is gambling or a game of skill divides judges across the world. Though it is interesting to see that the popularity of the game is growing with time. In the past, I myself have hosted several Diwali card parties but since I started playing poker as a profession I stay away from any casual card games that involve money to avoid disturbing my routine, discipline and bankroll.

As a responsible gaming ambassador of All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), a not-for-profit organisation and the apex body that focuses on policy advocacy, research and forum for discussion among various stakeholders associated with the gaming industry, I am happy to see that poker has taken over as a safe skilled mind game.

While teen patti, which is purely based on luck and how deep is your pocket, remains a dominant favourite for people during the festival of lights, people interested in adding a bit of skill to the mix have turned to poker. In poker you can only lose up to a set limit or the amount you buy-in for and win up to every chip on the table, the risk we take is minimum for maximum rewards. You cannot lose more money than you have put on the table whereas in flash there is a high possibility of you taking credit during a hand which is not allowed in a poker game.

Poker can be really simple or really complex, depending on what you make of it. I would suggest a few tips to enjoy your card parties this festive season:

  • To start with, keep it simple and don’t try to bluff too much.
  • To really enjoy and learn the game — start small with a legit group of friends and gradually go up the stakes and level of opponents, keeping a note of your buy-ins and be strict with the money you keep aside for poker.
  • Do not play under the influence of alcohol or emotional stress, these factors reduce strategic acumen and decision-making ability.
  • Diwali season also means long nights, so don’t give up on your exercise regime, do some yoga and meditation before you go for that big poker game. Being physically fit always gives an extra edge on the table and you can try it for yourself.
  • Poker is a new game for us Indians compared to how common it is abroad so anyone who knows how to play already has an experience edge over those who are still hearing about it, so get ahead of the game and start learning as soon as possible.
  • If you are at home like me, instead of the parties for some reason, play online and enjoy all the amazing offers by AIGF’s trusted operators and pick your battles wisely! Good luck this season!

(The author is a gaming ambassador of All India Gaming Federation)


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