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Top 10 Sports Fantasy and Prediction Tips!

SOURCE : Gaming360.in
01 FEB 2019

1) Don’t Play Blindly
Sports games whether fantasy, prediction or something more, have different structures. Ensure you understand the rules of the game and the scoring system. Captains are often worth double points and sometimes you can apply bonus points on your best players or best prediction!

For example, Dream 11, Hala Play, NostraGamus and others all stem from sports fantasy and prediction, but the way each app is played is very different. Decide which app you want to be a part of and understand the game well.

Do your homework, stay up to date on preseason injuries and match stats. Knowledge is Fantasy power.These are games of skill, not luck, so the more you know the better!

2) Support them but don’t play them
We want to support the players we love, so without thinking we may play them in our league or even make them captain. But just because you love them doesn’t mean they are the best player. Ensure you are choosing your players for the right reasons.

Similarly, do not rule out the players you hate. Check out all the players of the team and league and choose objectively! Your emotions and encouragement can’t change the results of the match. Separate fantasy and reality when making picks.

3) Jump on the bandwagon, you won’t regret it!
When you notice a new player has peaked his game, invest in him. The sooner you can predict up-coming players the more benefits you will reap.

In-form players are consistently included in leagues, so the whole world is benefiting as much as you are. But if you can grab on to the Mohammad Sala’s early on before their prices rise then your profit is much more.

4) Check opponents performance
Some app structure games between just a few people. Like if you are playing in a head to head contest in NostraGamus, it is highly suggested you look into the playing history of your opponent. This will give you an idea beforehand how you place in relevance, and then you can take the decision to either stay or leave the contest.

If you have a better winning streak, then obviously stay on! Very few people take the time to check out their opponents so it could be a lucky win for you. However, if they have the upper hand then it is upto you to decide how much competition you are ready to take on. Make sure you are well prepared and confident in your teams and knowledge.

5) Don’t stick on to reputations
Man of the match last season, could be this season’s worst performer. Sports is a fast moving world, form and reputations are temporary.

Picking purely based on name value could put you last in the league. If your branded players are not bringing their game, do not be afraid to switch them out.

6) Stay Squad Strong
The norm is to budget for the best players and fill in the rest with whatever you have left. But this is not a smart way to budget or invest in your team.

There are chances your best players will get injured or suspended, and then you are left with zeros. Playing with rejects is not going to get you far in the league. Invest in a way such that even if your best players are removed you can play well with what is left.

7) Don’t Second Guess yourself too much
Once you have made your choices don’t stress too much before the game begins. There is the temptation to tinker around and make changes. But, chances are the first choice you made is the right one.

If you have prepared well for the game be confident in what you have decided, don’t overthink or aggresively seek changes.

8) Read the stats provided
If the game is prediction and the app has given you stats or info to better your chances – why not take advantage? If a question is asked to predict a match many users just skim through the info because they know in a question with just 2 options there is a 50% chance they will get it right anyway.

But little do they know that the more carefully they read the info provided their chances of winning just goes up from 50%? So, read everything you can! Knowledge is power in this game.

9) Use power-ups
We have seen them in video games and they are there in sports games too! When predicting a match by answering simple questions, like in NostraGamus, you can use power-ups to get the maximum points.

Use no-negatives to avoid loss of points with questions you are not sure about and doublers to double the points of questions you are confident with. Then, if you have no idea on which answer to pick you can try audience poll to see what everyone else has picked! Furthermore, there may be a power-up store of some kind where you can buy even more of these point savers!

These are easy tactics to better your points and accuracy overall. But often in the intensity of the game we forget these small things.

10) Keep a sports news app on your phone
We do not really need the whole history of the sport to win the game, you just have to stay up to date. The easiest way to do that is to keep a news app on your phone. Even if it is a one liner or a tweet, that is enough to know who got injured or suspended, and who is playing well.

So here they are!10 tried and tested tips to better your game on any sports fantasy or prediction game. Follow these tips and your will surely be featured on the leader-board!

This article was written exclusively for Gaming360 by Tanya Rekhi

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