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What you do not know about Rummy

08 MAR 2019

Human beings are the quintessential ‘social animals’ populating the planet earth. Bonding, friendship, group activities, entertainment, and recreation are some of the factors that act as a convivial glue for this species. These actions also refresh human beings and energize them to participate in the proverbial (and mandatory) ‘daily grind’ of routine, everyday actions. Card games remain amongst the most popular recreational activities in human society. These sedentary activities are essentially games of skill that engage the creative mental faculties of all players while rejuvenating their senses. Rummy ranks high among popular card games; it is played both for recreation and at professional tournament levels.We will discuss some of the more interesting aspects of Rummy in the passages below.

• Origins of Rummy – This card game is thought to have originated in imperial China a thousand years ago. Early versions of this card game may have been devised for mere entertainment; however, with time, Rummy evolved into a gaming discipline with its own set of rules and customs. Regional versions of Rummy have emerged over the years but the essence of the game remains pure entertainment. In modern times, Rummy has become a social game that is played in tournaments, in private parties, in competitive set-ups, and in the online domain.

• Reading People – Expert Rummy players are masters of keen observation that gather real-time information to create playing strategies. This is an interesting aspect of the game because it encourages people to survey their immediate environment and take cognizance of events and players in the vicinity. Rummy players must perceive and connect the proverbial ‘dots’ to mold and shape their game as time elapses. Therefore, the ability to ‘read’ the behavior of fellow players and assess various motivations is a key aspect of modern Rummy. These skills can be applied in real life situations to gain a strategic advantage in,for instance, business negotiations.

• Brainteaser – Rummy challenges players to perform mathematical calculations mentally in the course of game play. The game involves multiple concepts of math that must be effected in sequence to power active participation in the game. These activities sharpen mental reflexes, develop the logic circuits in human brains, and allow individual players to forge winning strategies. The ability to multi-task is essential in Rummy because the game is a dynamic activity that involves astute planning and execution. Rummy also involves lateral thinking that encourages players to formulate multiple strategies with the objective of achieving ultimate triumph.

• Stress buster – Rummy players often report a wonderful sensation of dissociation from the cares and worries that attend the routines of daily life. The game can be an engrossing pursuit that enables the human brain to relax and rejuvenate in a casually competitive milieu. This card game, therefore, essentially acts as the proverbial ‘stress buster’ that enables players to relax and live in the proverbial ‘moment’. Players that devote regular time to this card game find this activity as a completely natural relaxant that rejuvenates the minds and the spirit. The subliminal relaxation afforded by this pastime should encourage more citizens to pursue this sport.

• Legal game – Courts of Law in India have declared Rummy a game of skill, not of chance. This stems from the fact that players must deploy considerable intelligence and skill sets to win at Rummy. The game remains exempt from The Public Gambling Act, 1867 owing to the fact that this game is driven purely by the players’ skills. As reported in the media, the Supreme Court has cleared rummy websites from the ambit of legal scrutiny; this should assuage any doubts about the legality of this card game in the Republic of India. In addition, the high courts in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have ruled that Rummy is a game of skill, thereby removing a perception that such games are illegal in this country.
In light of the above, Rummy is a harmless form of entertainment that should be encouraged across all quarters.

This article was written exclusively for Gaming360 by Chandini Khanna

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